Friday, October 13, 2017

Easy as pie freebie

Easy as pie!
Sometimes it is pretty easy, like when you buy the rolled dough....but when you make the crust it gets harder. You know, to get perfect rust.
Have fun with this freebie and please let others know...every Friday is another freebie.
My daughter made apple pie for her boyfriend...and all the buddies came over and it was gone!
It reminds me of when my mom would take hours to make homemade bread and it was gone in seconds.  There was never left overs back then.
My latest obession is using Sulky sticky fabric-solvy for embroidery.
I just print on the paper...perfect for downloadable embroidery patterns (like mine!)...peel and stick on your fabric.
Here I am stitching on vintage linen....and printed out one of my designs on draft quality print.
It is easy to stitch through and would be awesome on dark fabrics or fabrics where you couldn't see the transfer pen.
After stitching you rinse away the printed paper/sticky stuff.....and let dry.
I put it in one of my daughter's small tag wood shapes, which she willhave available very soon.
Now it's finished... I added a pinback to it and put a ribbon in the hole.

Here is what the sulky looks looks like. it is in the sewing  notions area of craft stores.
I just cut from the roll a page size piece and print.
I am having a huge 30% off sale in my etsy shop...Until Oct 18th.
You can make corsages, wreath and ornaments with this pattern. 
These are just some of the designs available in my etsy shop.
I have digital signs too...
and all kinds of printable collage sheets.
There are fun christmas designs like these kissing snowmen....
These christmas ornaments that were on the cover on Somerset holidays magazine....are only 5.59 for the pattern!
My daughter Selina is also having an etsy sale....
prices are already coupons needed!

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