Friday, October 20, 2017

Catnip mouse embroidery drawing freebie

I love making catnip mice for my cats, complete with jingle bells because they love hearing it.
This is an embroidery freebie....copy and save....stitch up!
This would make a great tag!
Today I set up for the big Washington State Quilt show, we have a double booth this year.
I am in spot 39 and it is nice and roomy!

There was no rain...and that was great because all week the weather guy said we would be poured on.
I was not looking forward to keeping everything dry.

We have a different spot and I thought that would be bad, but I think it will be great actually.

Setting up was easier with a bigger spot, which eases stress.

But of course I had to do something to screw it
I was digging for bins and a heavy one landed on my hand,
I had a big goose egg looking lump on my hand...throbbing and driving me a little nutty.
All is well though....I just look crazy

Come by the show in Spokane the fairgrounds.
This is one of the nicest quilt shows around and the shopping is terrific.

Have a great weekend!

Come to the Home Matters linky party!

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