Friday, May 31, 2013

Life is good - flower freebie design

I hope you have fun stitching this up. 
 *Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs.
Welcome Friday....we love you!
Come to artsy momma , see vanessa craft, pin me link party, and Whipperberry

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tea cup bird feeders

Go to Twigg Studios for the how tos on these cool bird feeder tea cups.
Think of all the cups at goodwill waiting for us!!!
Plus Twigg studios has an awesome for hours and hours!
Time for some tea!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Quilt Market 2013- fun booths!

Good Morning everyone!
I am finally getting to posting some of my favorite booths at Quilt Market...hopefully you can click on the pics to see them closer.
This is Penguin & her designs

I love the fun characters and you know I love embroidery framed in hoops!

Loved the prim booth...good styling!

Heather an award for their booth.

It was gorgeous!

 Tula Pink
Valorie wells

Reets rags to stitches

Stitchin by the river

Bareroots...she was so nice and fun to talk to.  I have so many of her patterns....they are fabulous!!!

Love the British decor

I need this couch!

Bari J was sweet as ever...she and her booth looked fab!!

Serendipity and bright

Love the fall trees on the table

Quilted crow girl designs

I love their Halloween items!

Wow.....this was an eyeful

My neighbors....Kanvas fabric...won best double cell phone camera was not good to
Gotta leave you with a giant sign painted on the side of a building in Portland...where market was held.
It sums up what my daughter 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Quilt Market- my Hudson's Holidays booth

I am back !!!
 I had an amazing time in Portland at the International Quilt Market....people came from all over the world....amazing to deal with people who speak all kinds of different languages, but have a love for sewing and quilting.  There were tons of booths....I will share others I took from our phones another day.
This was the giant hoop sign I made for my booth....since I make all kinds of Flash cards...I thought I would make some for my business.

This quilt called..."She lingers in the garden" was very popular!  I showed my paintings in my booth too.

I decided to have an everyday look/theme.
   I know what you are could Shirley not have had all her holiday stuff out everywhere?
It was hard not too!
I had tons of brochures...they ran out!

My daughter painted the chair and I redid goodwill lamps for the lighting.

Selina was in her element.  She showed off her phone she painted and my hat pattern.  She had lots of pics taken of her for blogs.

  I sold out of a lot of patterns and I have tons of orders to fill now that I am home....gotta get it done!  Sunday was a wheeling and dealing day!  I have lots of cool deals going....from magazines in Europe being an author of my own craft/sewing book....lots of  other things to hash out...YAY!!!!
The ladies in hoops were a big favorite....many requests to make more!

 People loved my style...saying it was fresh and different than all the other projects out there.

I had to bring my party streamer cherry blossoms....the tutorial is on this blog.

A bowl of mice...People loved them!

Selina handed out glittery bookmarks and loved talking to people....especially our neighbor.
There were sooooo many nice people there!  I want to thank all you quilt shop owners for stopping by....I loved meeting you!  Talk about sweet and generous ladies!

The best donuts and so different...loved the maple bar with bacon!
Lots of crazies around...made things interesting.

Multnomah Falls....really close to gorgeous! 
This fabulous statue of MLK is just out side the Quilt inspiring.
So ...I gotta stop writing and continue processing orders....Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 20, 2013

She is the key

This is a great photo from my massive collection of pics!

Live your vision and demand your success.

I am back from Quilt Market...but so exhausted and have to fill lots of orders!  I will post my pics and stuff soon!

Go to wild olive for a chance to win an informative book.when talent isn't enough

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Home is the happiest place

Home is happy big hoop art PDF Pattern - wallhanging applique free motion flowers fabric embroidery sewing pillows
Here is my newest pattern:
Home is the happiest place....
and my Patternmart
Home is happy big hoop art PDF Pattern - wallhanging applique free motion flowers fabric embroidery sewing pillows
This is the journey and easy.....quite addicting to do!

Home is happy big hoop art PDF Pattern - wallhanging applique free motion flowers fabric embroidery sewing pillows
I am setting up at Quilt Market.....hard work!  Gotta Smile.

Home is happy big hoop art PDF Pattern - wallhanging applique free motion flowers fabric embroidery sewing pillows
If you are going to be at Quilt Market....come visit me in booth 2141!
I would love to meet you and show you my "everyday" designs.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Got an old suitcase?

Look at these great vintage suitcase ideas...

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
This blog has good junk!
So much fun!
Pinned Image
I have several oldies but for the tranformation to begin!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's day!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Mother's day!
This is my mom...Betty Lou.
I have told you all many many times the tragic tale of my mom....she passed away 20 days after the birth of my only child....she was willing herself to stay alive to see Selina.
She had Rheumatoid arthritis and a terminal lung disease.
She went through years of hardship bringing up my 4 siblings and a single mom.

Love was not kind to her....after divorcing my dad when I was 2 ...she had enough of men for the rest of her entire life.
She was a great mom...and I would give anything to spend one more Mother's day with her!
She loved animals!
She could play anything on the piano...all you had to do was give her the title to the song.
She was in the navy,
She was smart as a whip,
She was crafty and sewed up our dresses...after working all day as a secretary.
We had the best childhood under the circumstances.
She had a great sense of humor and we were very close.
After working so hard...she had to suffer in her last not fair.
If she were here she would have loved designing patterns with me and going to market.
She would be proud of her big family and she would have been my daughters BFF.

Please enjoy being with your mom if you can can't go back in time.....but you can remember the wonderful times.