Saturday, August 1, 2020

Hot August- Welcome

August is already a scorcher!
I feel like I am watering plants night and day. 
Summer is great, but I love temps in the 70's and 80's....right?

I have been so busy working on a new big project, that I couldn't work on much that I can share with you. I wish I could. It's been a tough year so far for everyone. My father is in independent care now, it is hard to lift his spirits. Seems like everything is so different. 
I like to turn to comfort like creating and playing with art. 

I made these flowers on the calendars to represent the summer sun!

The above phone/table calendar is ready to download. 
The desktop calendar is available here.
The orange side bar was made for your computer icons, so that you an still see them.
All 12 of my monthly cat designs are now complete. 

Each month has a theme for the look of it. 
My favorites (for fun) are July and October. 
The digital/instant downloads are in my etsy shop.
The printed and mailed versions are on my website.
I found an evening where I could play with pastels.
I decided to make a witch, so I started with a sketch and the face basics. 
I love doing the face and hair the most. Purple hair is a fun choice.
She is a blue eyed witch.

I added some shimmer to the drawing.

Not only did I have a fun time creating this and now I have a new piece of art.
I use cheap cray pas pastels, a pencil and Jane Davenport' mineral eyes for shimmer.
I am having a book signing at the Quilting Bee in Spokane.. August 3rd.
From 10 am - 4PM.
Come out and see me and my daughter Selina!
This is my September design in my book
"Lovely little hand embroidery".
Sweet mice living is a pumpkin house. 

I added blush on the mice's cheek using makeup blush and a cotton swab.

Here is a little video showing projects in my book
Please take a look!

You can also order it on C & T Publishing,  AmazonSearch PressEE Schenck,  and Checker Distributors.
You can find it at the Quilting Bee and Barnes and noble too.
There is 30 different projects in the book!
I love making Halloween anything...
These are Halloween ornaments...which will be in my etsy shop soon.
Dracula's eyes are transfixing you!
Look at the tiny teeth.
I have loads of flowers under my patio this year.
Since we are all limited about where we can go... I find it very important to try to make the outdoors a sanctuary. 

I got this fun crow water fountain ... the beaks fill up with water and it comes out both mouths.
I find myself watching it a lot. lol.
You know its a good purchase when just looking at it makes you happy.

When I think of August...the first thing that enters my brain are sunflowers.
Such a happy flower.

Hope you have a happy August!