Friday, March 31, 2017


Spring has arrived and I think we are all thrilled about it!
This past winter was a hard one....but now it is finally over and all the birds are coming back...plants are growing...the grass is emerald is good!
This freebie is a great way to be inspired by the new season. 
Stitch it up into a small pillow a shelf tuck. 
Please tell your pals about the freebies....they are listed every Friday!!!
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still my designs. 
I have a new feature I am adding to my Friday posts....
each week I will have a sale pattern...
and it is only $2.99.
The sale pattern will go off sale by the next Friday's post.
and then a different pattern will be on sale.
These are fun, quick, and use all your lil tiny scraps of wool or wool felt. They make great gifts, great for craft shows, and also can be made into magnets. 
I drew some little blue birds this week and made a fun repeating surface pattern design.
It sums up my feelings about spring being here!
I don't know which color combos I like best.
I really go for "Cutesy".  
as you probably
The orange reminds me of sunny skies.
Love this green!
(These surface pattern designs are not freebies...just the "Spring" design)
A sweet bunny and all his eggs.

This is Great for anyone who loves to color! It could also be great stitched embroidery project. There are no instructions however...just the page shown above. It prints on regular paper, 8 1/2" x 11". 
More details soon!!!

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Floral and leaves freebie

Spring is busting out all over....
our grass is as green as it is in Ireland!
We might have to mow soon!
It is so wonderful ...after this horrible winter that never seemed to end.
Stitch this freebie up or color it!
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I have a new feature I am adding to my Friday posts....
each week I will have a sale pattern...
This week it is the above Cute chick pattern
and it is only $2.99.
The sale pattern will go off sale by the next Friday's post.
and then a different pattern will be on sale.
I have been working on new surface pattern designs...I love flowers!
So I put my different color combos of flowers and made it into a giant flower...haha.
I love the soft grays, purple and pinks.

This is the same design...just in different colors....doesn't it change the whole feel and look!
I put each design in a circle....and stacked them.
Which one do you think is best? 
This is Froy, my little boy cat....I changed him up (on adobe illustrator) into a sort of paint by number crossed with Andy Warhol look. lol.  I shared this pic on my Instagram this here to see it!  
I am really excited for Saturday....a little fun time (Hopefully).
My dad has been pretty ill for a few weeks...he is much better now thankfully!
So the stress level was crazy... 
We all need to take a few hours for ourselves sometimes.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Easter banner & life.....

Yep....I found that out again this week!
When everything seems like it's getting more calm....then
It's more stress....
I guess that's life!
I have been spoiled by things being stress free for a long I guess it's time for some.
My dad is still in the hospital, but atleast he is doing better.
Are you feeling stressed or calm?
Maybe something in between?
Anyway...have fun with this little could be stitched up or just printed out!
This SET OF 12 small banner flags will get you ready for Easter...WE ARE SO READY for this spirit lifting holiday!!!!!  You can make it as long as you like...just print out another page or two.
The download is only $3.99.
This is how the collage sheet looks.
I painted the bunnies and chick...converted them to the flag shapes and also made extra designs and motifs as an illustration that all the colors go together perfectly.
All you do is print, cut out...(add glitter if you want) and glue them onto a string or baker's twine.
The banner can be any length. Each sheet has 12 could print as many as you make any length. Each little flag measures: 3 3/4" x 1 9/16". 
Isn't this just the sweetest pillow!!! 
I wanted to share with you the awesome punchneedle pillow my friend Sarah made for me!!! She took my drawing...turned it into a design she could punchneedle...did all the work and then gave it to me!!! soooo sweet!!! She moved to Arizona...and we all miss her tons!!! She has wit and charm...thats unbeatable!   
The texture is great....fills fab!
I have it already up...even though I need to take down St. Patricks day tomorrow. 
If I sits....I fits!
Trix truly believes this.
The best way to get your cat (like to give them medicine) to put out the trap...
a cardboard box...they are drawn to it like a magnet. 
Works everytime.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Happy teddy freebie & Irish shenanigans

Everyone loves Teddy bears....and this is a really happy one.
So get your happy on.
I was recently stressed because our hot water pressure in our home was terrible...
I really thought we would have to pay thousands to solve everything...
it turned out to be just changing our hot water tank.
But I was so miserable.
Now that things are solved....I got my happy back!!!
It is amazing how attitude and problems solved can make us feel better.
This lil bear would make a cute tag!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Here I am showing them in my own home decor.
I got the goofy Irish gal above at a thrift store last year.
There are 9 different flash cards...this is an instant download..u print on 3 pieces of cardstock. 
The words/phrases you get are: Shake your shamrocks, Ask me about my lucky charms, Lucky me I have you!, Kiss me...I 'm magically delicious, Let the shenanigans begin, eat drink and be irish, Smart sassy irish lassie, top o' the mornin' to ya, and you look like I need a drink (that one is pretty funny). Each one comes with a number and a shamrock on the corner. They measure: 7 1/4" x " x 3 1/8".

They are alot of fun just sitting them around the house. 
Plus it is great for party decor....or to hold up for photo booths or pics at the party.  
I like the total fun of this holiday...nothing should taken too seriously on this day. 
She is a cute doll made by my friend R'chelle. 
I put this one on a huge honeycomb hat. 
This is on my piano....the bust is wearing one of my hats (my own pattern) and I thought this card was funny. 
The hat says Party O'
Fun dolls made from R'chelle and Sue....I have slowly collected over the years. 
Sweet and romantic.
My daughter celebrates her anniversary with her boyfriend on St. Patrick's day.

She has mugs...


Travel mugs....

Comforters..... and more.
She is always learning...designing...drawing...cutting wood...taking pictures....
on and on....she is a hard worker.
I try to teach her everything I know and she often shows me stuff now!
I'm so proud!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Monthly markers & spoonflower

Recently I made some Monthly markers for my instagram account
It was a challenge from Bonnie Christine...of the Roost tribe/Going home to roost. 
It is a cool way to mark the beginning of each month....and you can see when going thru the Instagram.....the timeline easier.
I illustrated drawings to match the theme of the month...since I love holidays....I mainly used them as inspiration.
I used some of my repeating patterns and put them into the the pot in the month August.
I really love challenges...they motivate me much more than just writing something on my to do list.
I tend to be a procrastinator....and I need to push myself.....which I do all the time.

My daughter has a spoonflower shop!
And she has done a bunch of work on it.
She had to have a swatch test of each design and mailed to her....she approved how it turned out and now they are officially for sale.

I showed you this before...but it is available printed on all kinds of fabric.

and as Wallpaper!!!!

and gift wrap!!!!   I need some of this soon!

She has cute forest animals for fabric...

and gift wrap as well.

It is so cool what is available now.

I love the wallpaper options too.
It would be great to do one wall and make it an "accent wall".
I have been working with color options...
changing repeating patterns into completely different looks.
I learn so much from Bonnie Christine's Skillshare classes.
I had so much fun that I was dreaming about it at night.

More snow today....ugh!  I guess spring will come when it's ready.
Hope you have a wonderful day!!