Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Monthly markers & spoonflower

Recently I made some Monthly markers for my instagram account
It was a challenge from Bonnie Christine...of the Roost tribe/Going home to roost. 
It is a cool way to mark the beginning of each month....and you can see when going thru the Instagram.....the timeline easier.
I illustrated drawings to match the theme of the month...since I love holidays....I mainly used them as inspiration.
I used some of my repeating patterns and put them into the drawing...like the pot in the month August.
I really love challenges...they motivate me much more than just writing something on my to do list.
I tend to be a procrastinator....and I need to push myself.....which I do all the time.

My daughter has a spoonflower shop!
And she has done a bunch of work on it.
She had to have a swatch test of each design and mailed to her....she approved how it turned out and now they are officially for sale.

I showed you this before...but it is available printed on all kinds of fabric.

and as Wallpaper!!!!

and gift wrap!!!!   I need some of this soon!

She has cute forest animals for fabric...

and gift wrap as well.

It is so cool what is available now.

I love the wallpaper options too.
It would be great to do one wall and make it an "accent wall".
I have been working with color options...
changing repeating patterns into completely different looks.
I learn so much from Bonnie Christine's Skillshare classes.
I had so much fun that I was dreaming about it at night.

More snow today....ugh!  I guess spring will come when it's ready.
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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