Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter bunny, Cinderella, & Pink teddy bear

It's freebie Friday.....I thought you would like some cool this Easter card....with a super cute bunny and chick.  I am sorry I didn't crop very nicely...I was in a total rush cause I am watching Etsy online lab for sellers.  It is always a good idea to learn more.

Here is an old print of Cinderella I found in an old magazine...just tucked in between the pages.  I loved Cinderella as a dad used to call me "Cinderella Dorothy Queen"...cause that is what I wanted...he he he.

Here is a very sweet teddy bear....Look how it says for your first if you need an Easter card when you are 1 or  You just can't be sad looking at his bear!!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage planter pincushion tutorial

Isn't this a cute pin cushion?  Today I am going to teach you how simple it is to make a sweet pin cushion from a thrift store or antique store find. 

This is my little chick planter I got at an antique was super cheap...$1.50.  These planters are often at thrift stores....for a dollar or two.
Vintage circus elephant ceramic planter
Here is a super cute elephant planter on Etsy....from lostlakevintage.  This would be a great one to use for someone who collects Elephants!!  What a fabulous gift.
Vintage Girl Planter 1/2 price
This sweet planter on this Etsy site  ...only $4.00
Vintage Ceramic Patchwork Dog Planter
Here is a sweet patchwork adorable.....and who doesn't like dogs!

The planter I am using has a smallish area to plant a plant....too small in my
To start....all you need is a 7 inch could use a plate as a template.  Cut out your circle from cool fabric...I had fun looking at my fabric to see which choice to make.
Using strong thread....stitch a gathering stitch all the way around the circle about 1/4" away from the edge.  Pull up the gathering stitch and stuff the circle firmly with polyfil stuffing.

You don't have to gather it too tightly....just knot off.

Hot glue a circle of felt to cover the bottom.

Fill inside planter with fabric scraps if the inside goes pretty deep....then insert gathered fabric circle on top.  Glue in place.

I used pretty yarn to go around the planter could also use lace, ribbon, or buttons....just hot glue in place.

I had little chips on my planter...I decided to glitter the chips up.  This paper glaze is nice to use for glittering...but any clear tacky glue or white glue will work.

I glittered up his beak and used pink glitter on his cheeks....why not huh?

I hot glued buttons to his eyes and found a pink ribbon laying around.

Here I added the ribbon,  threaded on a spool of thread to the side and also added all kinds of pins.  I even  added buttons by sticking a corsage pin through buttons and then stuck the pin in the pin cushion. 

This is so cute and simple.  You could also add more fabric yo-yos, old jewelry pieces, felt or ribbon flowers, and buttons.  These would make great craft show sellers, gifts, and is a great way to reuse an object that gets no attention anymore. 
This was so fun to do....I felt like I was playing...very fast too.
Have fun finding a planter to re-do!!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gather happy memories

Here is my brand new pattern!
This little kitty cat has gathered happy memories ... sweet flowers in her paws. The inspiring design can be made into a pillow or a table mat. This design is quick, easy, and fun to stitch up! Pillow measures: 7" x 7"
This is on my Etsy. It is also on my Patternmart

I also want to encourage you to come back tomorrow....I will have a special free tutorial for you.....I am sure you will like it!!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tons of mice!

new  Yankee Doodle Mousey Stitchery E Patterrn - primitive Mouse mice sewing supplies Pdf Flag Stars pillow embroidery mice I have a huge collection of mice in my designs....I didn't realize I did so many with the mouse theme....I like them when they are not alive and running from my cat's mouth.
This collection is on my Etsy
Prim wool  Mice Pinkeep E pattern -  valentine mouse pin cushion wool fabric pdf  primitive sewing notion keep banner pins
My wool mice are fun...easier than it looks. 
new Mice Pincushion E Pattern - pdf email seam binding ribbon retro Mouse fabric felt wool pin keep doll spring decor primitive
This is one of my most popular patterns I have was something I whipped up one day..not even thinking about making a pattern.
Easter Egg bunny Mouse Stitchery E Pattern - email Pdf primitive embroidery pillow pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck
Isn't it funny when you put bunny ears on another is so cute.
New 2011 Prim Trick or Treat Halloween Mouse with Lantern E pattern - fall leaf pumpkin candy corn doll wool fabric pdf primitive sign
This lantern for this mouse has a little battery operated tea-light.
Halloween Mouse and Pumpkin Stitchery E Pattern - primitive Pdf pillow pin keep cushion tuck candy corn seam binding embroidery
I love Halloween....brings back lots of childhood know ..when candy was not ever available and this was like hitting the jackpot.

Prim wool Mouse Pinkeep Shamrock E pattern - Big pincushion wool fabric pdf clover primitive sewing notion day Irish sign pins
My wool mice are all it size or a different snout.....snout is a weird word.
Christmas MOUSE Stitchery E Pattern - primitive PDF pillow candy cane pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck embroidery
Candy canes....this one is beaded.
2011 No Peeking Christmas Mouse stocking Stitchery E Pattern - primitive Pdf pillow frame candy cane embroidery
I would love a stocking full of these cute mice.
new Lil Mouse VALENTINE holder E pattern - email Pdf primitive stitchery cupid heart quilt wallhanging posies flowers embroidery
Valentine mice...
Lil Posie and Mouse Pin keep E pattern - Big pincushion wool amy butler fabric pdf flower primitive  sewing notion
This one is a popular pattern too....I've seen alot of these done up.
new 2011 Shamrock Mouse Stitchery E Pattern - email Pdf primitive leprechaun Saint Patrick's day  St. pillow pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck
new 2011 Valentine Love Mouse Heart E Pattern - email Pdf  primitive stitchery embroidery pillow pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck
Sweet valentine
Christmas Santa Claws Cat Mouse Stitchery E Pattern - primitive Pdf pillow  pinkeep tag pin cushion tuck embroidery
Santa claws and his mousey friend.
Candy Cane RAGGEDY Ann and Mouse mice E PATTERN - Quilt Pdf Wallhanging stitchery embroidery christmas primitive doll
Another fav of mine is Raggedy ann...she has lots of mice friends.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stuff in my studio

Hy Everyone...I hope your weather is better than ours!!!  Our forecast is ....RAIN....FOREVER!
I thought I would show you some little things around my studio....for fun!
This is my paper is is on a memory board I made.

Here is Marilyn Monroe.....she is hanging around....I have a butterfly magnet holding her in place.  What a beauty she was! One of my favorite movies is "Some like it hot".    It is funny.

FUN is hoop is just letters spelling fun on retro dot fabric....I added a pink pom-pom.

I used to watercolor raggedy Ann dolls alot....this is me and my sis....drinking milkshakes.

I like decorating an old can to make a sweet pencil this case I have sticks...I know I am weird...but I often need a stick when crafting.  I got this cute graphic from Etsy...Lisa's altered art..check her esty shop!

Here is my Grandma Shirley.....who I was named after.  She was an award winning quilter....I have some of her glad I have them,  She also did ceramics and was a great baker.  She was born in 1905.  She was 62 when I was born.  She loved her senor's center.  She got Alzheimer's and passed away in 1992....she gave me my wedding quilt early....because she knew I would get married.
Banners!  Made from old music pages....they are fun to stick in a bouquet of flowers.

I love my little catch all plate.  This is a pin that says "Got love"...the girl comes out of the heart pocket.

My Selina...when she was in grade she is in her last year of middle school.   She and her daddy are everything to me.

This is "Flo" my mannequin....Selina dressed her up in this outfit...pretty cute!  She is by the greet me each morning!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday in Spokane WA

Today my daughter Selina, my hubby Dana, and I went out and about...all day.  WE checked out home depot and Costco (samples) and then hit the Spokane Public market.....check out the site.
The Funky Junk Show will be here on April14 & 15....10 am-4pm......this is a very fun show....full of unique antiques and crafts...I always have a blast!

I love strawberries.....these looked so good.

Yummy baked goods from Morning sun baking company.

Focaccia bread!!!

Lots of vendors!

Later we went to a pet store...these guys are BFF's.

What a cutie!!!!  He says "Take me home now!"

This one was giving the sad eyes.

His brother took the other route...and was showing how fun he is!
We did alot of exploring and even went in this Tudor House that was for was to die for.
So I bought a lotto ticket and I am wishing upon a star too!