Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hi everyone!  This is my organized mess...near my glue is lots of embellishments to add to any project.  I got one of those old printer/stamp trays at goodwill but i thought it was a shadow box for collectibles.  I first painted it pink...but pink was not always good for my shows (cause I like to sell small goodies from this tray). I then painted it cream so it would be more versatile.

Old jewelry...ya know sometimes ya break a piece or lose one sometimes at thrift stores
you can get a whole bag for a few dollars.  Old jewelry makes great embellishments.

I love it is only some brass ones.  Brass or gold buttons add a regal quality to a project.

Here are bits and snippits....of things. 

I like old domino's, old glasses (glue/decoupage a pic on the back), barrettes, scissors, and dice.

I have glitter Eiffel towers...old measuring tapes to cut up, corsage pins, felt flowers and lil banners.
I love making these....I have created lots of patterns with these in fun fun!
This is a lil flower hair pin I made...go to make it and love it for a great tutorial her site!

I like to glam up my business cards with seam binding or fancy yarn.   I tell ya...Vista print does great business cards and other printing....very cheaply.
Here is something I made up info on long strips of brown cardstock.....with fancy pink yarn. These are 7" long...fairly large.
 It is fun to tuck these in the mail with an order.  It would also be great at a show. 
See you tomorrow for freebie friday!

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