Monday, March 26, 2012

Stuff in my studio

Hy Everyone...I hope your weather is better than ours!!!  Our forecast is ....RAIN....FOREVER!
I thought I would show you some little things around my studio....for fun!
This is my paper is is on a memory board I made.

Here is Marilyn Monroe.....she is hanging around....I have a butterfly magnet holding her in place.  What a beauty she was! One of my favorite movies is "Some like it hot".    It is funny.

FUN is hoop is just letters spelling fun on retro dot fabric....I added a pink pom-pom.

I used to watercolor raggedy Ann dolls alot....this is me and my sis....drinking milkshakes.

I like decorating an old can to make a sweet pencil this case I have sticks...I know I am weird...but I often need a stick when crafting.  I got this cute graphic from Etsy...Lisa's altered art..check her esty shop!

Here is my Grandma Shirley.....who I was named after.  She was an award winning quilter....I have some of her glad I have them,  She also did ceramics and was a great baker.  She was born in 1905.  She was 62 when I was born.  She loved her senor's center.  She got Alzheimer's and passed away in 1992....she gave me my wedding quilt early....because she knew I would get married.
Banners!  Made from old music pages....they are fun to stick in a bouquet of flowers.

I love my little catch all plate.  This is a pin that says "Got love"...the girl comes out of the heart pocket.

My Selina...when she was in grade she is in her last year of middle school.   She and her daddy are everything to me.

This is "Flo" my mannequin....Selina dressed her up in this outfit...pretty cute!  She is by the greet me each morning!

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