Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday show and tell

I had a nice weekend shopping with my 2 sisters and daughter.  We mainly went to antique many here us Spokane fun too!   I got this lovely old pre-plastic pink bowl....I can use it for holding all kinds of goodies...but right now I want to put Easter candy in it.

I wanted to have some kind of filler in the bowl,  I tried shredded book pages .....yuck.

I then tried shredded pink crinkly paper.  It is ok...cause cadbury eggs make everything better!

I tried green crinkly paper....not my fav.

Then in all my junk I found pink easter is good! I just love pink!
Later this week I will have more to show you with antiques.

I made some butterfly hairpins and rolled flower pins.  A rolled flower tutorial can be found HERE.  There are many on the!  Just do a google search.  It is easy and uses up your scraps of wool or felt.  I started making all kinds of them...sort of addicting.  Check out this  as well.
Let's face could easy make up hair pins for every outfit.

This is what they look like on the back.

Here is what my butterfly hairpins look like on the back.

The butterfly pattern is in this new terrific book by Tone Finnanger...called Tilda's studio.  Her website is Tilda's world.  I got my copy at Jo Ann fabrics.  This book is just filled with fun goodies...I really love this book!

Here is a peek in her book.....with flowers and butterflys.  She has other fabulous books too... she has a fresh feminine look.  Well I better get back to much to do! 

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  1. Wow - that bowl is plastic?! I totally thought it was ceramic! It looks so pretty!