Thursday, March 1, 2012

Edinburgh ... Scottish hertitage

I bet you didn't know I am 3/4's Scottish!  I also have English and Irish in the mix.  My maiden name is Cowan...which comes from the clan name Calhoun.  We also have lots of other clans in our family like Campbell, Goodwin, Brown, and McEwen.  My mom was a Drummond.
Here are some great Edinburgh vintage postcards....I got these at an antique store specifically for my Dad.  That is the beautiful town he is from....I visited for a whole month in 1989. 
We had a great time there....the shopping was terrific and so were the meat pies and sweets.

We walked all over the city...the castle was so cool.  I would like to go back with my dad, but he says he doesn't want to travel now that he is 81.  He had me sort of late in life. 
My daughter wants to go alot...maybe we will someday.


  1. I'll go, I'll go! My family's heritage is Scottish also--my maiden name was Mackey! I don't like traveling that much, but I would go to Scotland in a heartbeat! These are just lovely, thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Beautiful postcards - lucky you to have them! I, too, have Scottish heritage .... maiden name is McLaren. Thanks for sharing.

  3. we visited Faslane..and loved loved loved scotland..we seen it back in is spendy..but oh so beautiful..loved Ireland as well..would go back in an instant...:)hubby has irish in him..I am 1/8 greek;)