Sunday, March 4, 2012

Show and Tell

It's has been a very busy last three days!  On Friday I went with my sister to the Custer arts and crafts show.  It was fun and we met up with my Friends Sue and Renee from "The Futile Fairy".  Sue made this adorable ballerina pretty...they were selling like crazy along with her fairies and more.  She adapted my "Love on a pincushion pattern" and made it so darned cute!  My pictures come from my phone, so I am sorry they are not clearer!  Sue is going to be at the Shadle arts and crafts show on April 28- 29th. 
The mice are so sweet and who doesn't love a mouse with a tutu?

These are the birds I bought from Sue and Renee.  They clip on twigs and look like peeps kinda.  I am gonna need more.....and I may add felted balls to the twigs in pastels colors.

This one is glittery pink....I want to eat

Traditional peep color...yellow.  They will have more for sale at the Shadle show. 

Here is the lovely Raggedy Ann I got at the show.  This is from Kay Smart.  It took me forever to choose because there were so many cute ones and cool bunnies and also witches!

Here is some great flowers my daughter Selina made...out of tickets!

She grabbed a roll of blue tickets last night and before I knew it , she had flowers.  She has now covered a headband with tickets and also added her flower to it, so cute.

I went thrifting with my sister and she spotted this old stamp holder for me.

I added my many scissors to it and wow it fun!  I love have all my supplies close at hand!  I uses to have the scissors in a wide bowl and it always was a problem.

Here is a sneak peak of my new is almost ready!
Seems like I shopped till I dropped this some good deals and some really cool wool to create with. 
We had a wonderful walk was so nice and finally it is spring here.  We also cleaned up the yard and the cats came out and didn't help at all!
My hubby has chili ready in the crock pot and smells so good.  My daugher made strawberry mini good and she made some for her grandfather too. 

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  1. I enjoyed all that eye candy - thanks for sharing. What a brilliant idea using a stamp holder for your scissors!!!!!!