Friday, June 21, 2019

1st day of Summer - 40% off sale

Happy Summer!
It's is officially no longer spring.....but glorious Summer! 
I am thrilled because the weather is getting better and summer is such a carefree, weekend fun in the sun, children playing, pools and beaches, and the sun takes a long time to set giving us a seemingly endless day!

It's a great time to work on projects in a lounge chair or under the patio.
40% off everything...
except my dolls (which take too much time and work to discount). 
There are all kinds of projects....I have embroidery ornaments for all the holidays!
I have a white skinny tree I keep up all year round...I just change it out for all the holidays....right now mine is full of patriotic goodies.
I got the tree at hobby lobby.

I have also created mice projects for every holiday...they are cute and won't run around your house! 
Christmas is always good to start early, because there really isn't much time to create in October or November when you are trying to make gifts.

This turkey is really muslin...painted (simple painting) and is on a plate and glass candlestick from the thrift stores.
I love halloween sooooo much.  It reminds me of the fun trick or treating days when you could finally have your own stash of yourself!

Valentines bring vibrance and color to a cold winter's day...I love the uplifting spirit.

I have quilt patterns, pincushions, necklace designs, pillows, dolls, and hoop art.

I painted these and have made them into a fun and inexpensive digital printing file. 
Just print, cut out and hang a ribbon on them. 
12 different tags and sayings for only $2.93.

These were made from some collages I did with old photos.
The sayings are quite amusing.

Do you have scraps of wool? 
I love using every bit up since wool is not cheap.

So hop on over to my etsy shop for all these deals...
Sale is going on now until June 29th.

My new cat wall hanging pattern is also on sale!

Happy Summertime to you!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

June is busting out all over!

Happy June to you!
Oh boy, this time of year is great...schools ending, warm weather, vacations, enjoying the outdoors, camping, celebrating dads and grads....the list just goes on and on.
The living is easy in summertime....and the day lasts so much longer!

I designed some new calendars for your tablet or here to download and save as wall paper. 
The orange/yellow side is perfect for your icons on the will still be able to see them.

I already got out my fans and I especially love having the night air in my's so fresh and makes for great sleeping.  The crickets are a peaceful sound too. 
I recently made up this sweet set of halloween art dolls...
they graduated from Halloween High 2019.
I made some last year...and had a blast creating them....I know its early but Halloween collectors buy early....
Everyone of them sold except the zombie with brains (she is available here)

I sew them up in a primitive style...and hand paint their faces.... 
They all have embellishments and extras to hold.....

The mummy has his bandages and a wool red heart....

Franky has his bolts in the neck and little scars on his face.
My very favorite was Dracula....I love how his head tilted. 

Most of them sold with in a few hours.

I also had to make some patriotic ones....uncle sam and lady liberty.

His eyes crack me blue and innocent.
They have both sold as well.....
My newest ones I am working on are getting close to being finished....they will be in my Hudson's Holidays etsy shop this fun Werewolf.
This pumpkin and witch will be there too!
My daughter Selina has a new item in her shop!
Tassels are everywhere now, have you noticed?
They are all the rage.
This is a crafting tool....that come in three sizes on a keychain made from wood... plus mine comes with step by step colored photos and instructions.

The small tassel tool makes a 1" tassel, Medium makes a 1 1/4", and the largest makes a petite 1 1/2".

Make tiny tassels for jewelry like necklaces and earrings (in my pictures I show them on my pendant blanks), use them as embellishments on pillows and pincushions, add them to paperclips for planners and on bookmarks. They make great graduation d├ęcor....just use your grads colors. They look great on flip flops, on tags, zipper pulls, hang on purses and make up bags, hanging hoop art, lamp light switch pulls.....and much more!!!

Use floss, yarn, bakers twine, thin crochet thread, string....and make them fluffy or thinner. These take only scraps so it is very thrifty

I like having these on my books I am reading.

They make great embellishments.

This blue one is sweet on her jar pendant blanks.
And by the way ...  
you can find our kits of pendant blanks and patterns to go with it 
My daughter Selina gave me a wonderful gift on Mother's day!
A beautiful clear roof over my patio....and other goodies to make it special!
Now, no rain will fall on me or my cushions!

We painted up this giant mirror and the reflection is make the patio even larger.
She bought me a cool lantern....
new cushions....Trix discovered it and claimed this spot.

We put little light up too

and a table to eat on.
Plus a beautiful rug....I;m very lucky!
Now I can read magazines, books and stitch to my hearts content.

So let's Welcome June!!!
* * * * *
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