Monday, July 15, 2013

Studio ideas

maybe if i painted the floor white...
Hi...right now I am moving my studio...after roofing it and cleaning, and preparing.....I am exhausted.
The main reason I am so because I had to move my hoard of supplies....and also we are moving my daughter to the basement...where it will be her bedroom and livingroom/teen pad.
These are not my pics ....I will post soon as I can.  I just wanted to share some pinterest studio much fun and inspiration.
dream sewing space
These lovely ideas come from this on it to get more info on these and where they came from.  It is amazing how many wonderful blogs are out just might find a favorite.
perfect little sewing space
My studio just can't be as neat and tidy as these are....but I admire them.  I sometimes wonder these rooms get used or are they sitting perfectly for people to see when they visit? 
Do you ever wonder that?
cutting table made from cubes from target
I usually make things work from thrift store finds and some things I actually got when my mom passed.  I don't like to have any I buy when I have the money...I sometimes have to wait a long time....but it is worth it.
studio space...
Yummy vintage things!  I told my daughter to not let me buy anything ...even at garage sales....I have too much.
a place for every ribbon and every ribbon in place
Ribbons....I love them and I love every sewing gadget known to woman.
What shall we make today?
Cute!  I have sooo many flash cards in my etsy shop/artwork line...but not these ...too cool!


  1. I don't have a plan yet, but I now have ideas on how to set up my own personal room. I have U to thank

  2. this is neat i can use some of these ideas. however i have a room with a couple of slanted walls. like an attic room.