Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer.....Oh the good old days has been hot in Spokane Washington.....and next week it will be hotter....upper 90's. 
That is me on the 1972.  I have "Sugar" my dog next to me, and my sister Julie on the left. I have 3 sisters and one bro.
We are at deer lake....north of Spokane.
Remember the good old days....when you just played all day long.....everyone was safe....and there were no worries?
We went there many times....good memories.
When we were kids ....our family did not have enough money for chips, pop, snacks.....etc.
When we were hungry my mom told us to go eat a nice piece of toast.
There were never left overs and we went out to a fast food restaurant about 3 times a year.
You only got milk for your cereal and at school.
We had great holidays and gifts a plenty.
I was my father's only child and the baby of the family.  My mom raised us well and my father has been there for me all through the years...and still is!
Sometimes it seems like I have already had five life's worth of fun....and I will have a lot more.
Do you feel that way?

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  1. What lovely thoughts you shared with your readers today!