Thursday, August 1, 2019

August is here!

Hey Everyone… it’s August!  The temp is going sky high and air conditioners are running a lot! The bees are getting thirsty and a little angry.  I hope you are staying cool and getting some R and R.

For those who are new…. I am Shirley Hudson, designer for Hudson’s Holidays Designs. I live in Spokane Washington with my husband Dana and 21 year old daughter Selina, who is also a designer.  I have designed over 400 embroidery, quilting and home d├ęcor patterns.  I especially love making patterns for the holidays… all holidays. 

I am super proud to tell you… that I have been writing and designing a BOOK!  My first book…and it is by C and T publishing called “Lovely little hand embroidery”. 
It is coming out March 2020.  Books take a long time to create and I have been dying to tell you about it. This is such an exciting adventure and can’t wait to share the cover with you soon. 

I thought these colors screamed Hot ... Summer .... August!
Just set as your background.

Once again I made the left side bright pink so you could see your computer icons.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
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This is how my design first started, just a doodle. I fix it up on the computer using adobe illustrator.
I thought it would be fun to have some bees wanting the bears flower. Usually the bears want the bees honey.
I have been really loving watercolor is fun.
When I start a watercolor painting...I basically use a water soluble pencil and wet it down with a brush and water.

I start adding colors and shading.... 
after many layers of watercolor....I get out my black India ink and pen nibs.
I found a cool antique brass ink well at an antique store for 20 bucks.
It has been so much fun to use, plus I feel like I am in another time using it. 
Here I was playing around with ATC cards....which I later painted with watercolors.

I inked up this lady....added color after my ink was completely dry....

Here she is all painted up. 
For my birthday, my hubby bought me a class I was dying to take....from Cori Dantini.
IT was awesome. 
You learn how to add old papers to wood...and draw using pen and ink....

I also was working on a plain box I got from hobby lobby.

At this point I am adding watercolors. 
Building up layers and ink. 
She ended up great!  Her dress was an old embroidery pattern.... that I beefed up.
I am really happy to learn more techniques.

My box turned out great too...wild flower garden.
I recommend taking online classes.... they are great to do at your own pace.
I made a stop at a fabric store....Bear paw in CDA for my birthday...
I fell in love with these Tim Holtz fabrics.  I am not sure who designed the cats though.

I spotted these Valentines...I love all the holidays so much! 
And camping fabric....oh so cute. It looks like my daughters camper.
Here is what's new for Halloween so far....
I made some One of a kind Halloween ornaments ...from muslin and they are painted.

They are primitively stitched and have sweet little bakers twine hangers.

I love this crazy guy.
If you would like one, they are in my etsy shop.
I just wanted to let you know...that I have reduced many of my older patterns in my etsy shop....they are all instant download and u print....but they are a great deal. 
I figure since they are not new anymore, that it makes sense and gives you a discount. 
 But they are still super cute!
There are great patterns from fall crafting...

And Christmas crafts too!
Plus many more of all holidays and everyday!
This baby grew in my garden, without me planting sweet to just show up....