Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hello Valentine!

Happy Valentine's day to you!

I just wanted to share some of my home decorations.
I got this little sign for only 5 bucks at a cool shabby chic store in Spokane, on Monroe street.

I am a sucker for vintage valentines....
especially ones with kitties!
My daughter lets me take over her christmas tree during the off I bought pink and red ornaments after christmas when hobby lobby had them 75% off. 
It makes a fun display, very cheery!
My tree topper is a big heart I made years ago that has an old photo of a man and it says "Fool of Love"
I love snoopy and the peanuts gang!
Snoopy is so cute and his antics are hilarious!
I got a huge honey comb display from the two women antique store.
I believe it is a Bethany lowe.
I got the sweetest glittery house with chenille stem kitty cat...right up my alley.
It was in a cool store called the Boulevard.
When clowns were
My favorite is this cat with a bonnet. 
She has a mechanical hand.
My old quilt and a cute ornament made by Simply Eilene. 
Her items sell out within a couple minutes of  her restock.
I painted Linus, on a whim....he just loves his teacher.
I wish he would have shared his chocolates with Charlie Brown.

I have a table runner and lots of goodies on it ....on my dining room table.
You can't beat the dollar store!

My little doll (I kept one for myself) and she is next to my party streamer trees...that look frosty.

Groovy artist!
Another sweet cat...that looks like a stuffed animal.
Vintage delicate and detailed!
My hubby has bought me many many boxes of them all!
I also collect scottish dad is from the Colquhoun Clan and my mom is from the Drummond clan.

Target had some amazing dollar store type valentine items this year...the unicorn was one of them!
Have a fabulous day!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Hello February!

Wow....January is now month in 2019 is over.  Did you have time to relax after the holidays this past month?
It's time for an new....

Just download and set as your wallpaper or background.
Selina made a wonderful video... demonstrating how easy it is to watercolor her camera pendants.  It takes a couple minutes.  Plus she shows how to fill the center space with pretty fabric. 
and another video showing how to use her bird pin blanks....adding just the right fabric...super fun!
Check them out!

**She is also having a SALE in her etsy shop on saturday and superbowl sunday! **
Great deals!
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And in the spirit of Valentine's day....
Words of wisdom from my