Monday, December 31, 2012

Puffed sleeves?

Wondering what to wear to the big New Year's Eve party tonight?  What about this fashion idea above.
Got puffed sleeves?
If you have read "Anne of Green Gables" know Anne wanted a pretty dress made with puffed sleeves.  Well she would have been soooo jealous of these puffed sleeves!
It looks a little crazy....I wonder what men thought of all this puffiness?
She would probably have to squeeze though doors!
I prefer being at home away from all the craziness with my family and some champagne.  I am sure we will play games....and make fun of Ryan Seacrest...he he he.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Partying too early?

Cute huh!
I bought a cool photo album in an antique store last week and most of the pics are super old...towards the back were these party pics.  I think they are from the 40's or 50's.  All of the pics were men in drag....I laughed so hard....these guys are ugly.

These guys are partying way too early for New Years!
They probably all laughed all night long! Dig the lady in the satin dress.

This one is working the mop wig and cigarette.
I saved my favorite for last!!!
I would have just fallen off my chair!!!
I think these boys were having too much fun!

Friday, December 28, 2012

IT's almost the NEW YEAR!

I can't believe it is almost 2013....time flies!
Here is another New Years design....stitch it up for a pin to wear on New Years Eve!
We had a nice Christmas considering the horrible thing that happened while opening prezzies.
My daughter was opening her last gift...the big was a really nice camera from Target.
She is really good at photography and she really wanted a better camera.
She opened it....and there was NO CAMERA inside!!!
WE all had heart attacks and my daughter bravely fought off the disappointment.
To make a very long story short....I marched in to target at opening and told our story.  The manager tried her tricks of giving us the least satisfaction(like having us go to another target store to pick up the camera plus 10% off).....but me being a recovered SHY who doesn't just take things anymore....I demanded a nice upgrade on cameras....and got it! 
The manager admitted it was their fault since they gave us a display box, which was heavy with accessories.  Now my daughter is happy with a Nikon...100 dollars more than the other camera....and so am I. 
I used to be the biggest shy person....I believe I was born that way....but with years of experience of life....I have changed.  I wish I could have recovered from shyness much sooner...but better late than never!  My whole family was the opposite of shy(big loud mouths! I actually got heard a lot by being quiet....strange huh!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas....57 years ago!

Wow...Christmas is almost here!
I was just looking through one of my Christmas magazines....from 1955!
I always get a good laugh when I see old crafting mags...people were really limited back then!
I do kind of like the pink number above....I love pink!

Here we have a really cool family in their atomic type house.
Notice how the mom is poking her Xmas cards in her cool!

I love the matching aprons...they are probably going to be making some sugar cookies!
I have a couple aprons, never put them on though.  My hubby is making dinner right now.....smells yummy!

You know it has to be the old days when a magazine says there are 268 gay decorations!
The food always looks so horrible...and the crafts are made from gourds and sequins.

This is a GAY pine of those big cones.  I do remember making a pine cone tree in 3rd was fun and a little hokey.  Most of the things on the tree are foreign to me.....what are they?
Yep...the crafting world is soooo much better now!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Celebrate...the earth is still here!

It's freebie Friday again!!!!  I bet you all are soooo busy finishing up getting ready for the holidays.
Seems to be lots of parties to go to...I am not exactly a party animal...but I shall live it up.
I guess the earth is still 
The freebie is for the new years....and I was just getting used to it being 2012.....dang!
Hope you have a fun weekend and celebrate the blessings you have..I do!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old gift tags & Santa

I love collecting old paper products....I am quite the hoarder on this.  I try to keep it organized...sometimes it is hard to do.  I wanted to share a few Christmas gift tags.  These were the kind that my parents used for our gifts so just looking at them makes me smile. 
My favorite gift as a child was the Barbie had an elevator and 3 poor dad had to put it all together.  I had Super Star Barbie and quick curl Barbie.  One year I got two ken dolls(Mod ken with sticker beards, mustaches, and sideburns) I could have a good guy and a bad guy....they fought over Barbie of course.
Cute Santa isn't it!  I love his boots!
I saw some pretty scared kids sitting on Santa's lap last week....sometimes Santa seems like a scary clown...ha ha.
Yesterday was not a good day...we had terrible winds and some of our roof shingles flew off(each one peeled off more)...I had to get some out of tall trees.  My husband spent a long time on the slick roof putting them back.  It was not fun, but it is all taken care of now.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm so proud!

I just have to brag about my daughter Selina Hudson.....she has her first photo our local Washington magazine.
She took this picture and submitted it....she is just 15 and in the ninth grade!

Here is the magazine....Spokane Coeur d'Alene living.  It just came out.

She has a full page to herself...the last page of the magazine.  It is on the page...of why we live here.

She loves photography and has a cool Etsy shop called Peacock Gumdrop.
She has a style all her own and she is just the sweetest gal in the whole world. 
I've probably told this to you before.....but when my mom had a terminal disease.....she willed herself to stay alive to see Selina. Selina was born and my mom was too weak to hold her.  I held her in my mom's lap so she could spend time with Selina.  20 days later after Selina was born mom passed.  I felt that the most wonderful person in the world was leaving and then my new most wonderful person was arriving.  It was strange.  I miss my mom a lot!  I am so lucky to have my husband Dana and my daughter Selina....they are the world to me. 
I know my mom would be soooo proud of Selina right now and buying several copies to keep. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas gift tags - Freebie Friday

It's freebie Friday...and here are my Christmas gift tags.  These are fun to print and use on gifts..too easy.
I had so much Christmas wrap in the past...I didn't buy any for over two years.....but I finally had to get a little more at walmart.  Men don't realize all the thing you have to get to make Christmas right.  My hubby thinks I twitch my nose and it is
Speaking of my is our 16th Wedding Anniversary!
He already got me flowers and a HUGE box of See's candy...and we will be going out to my fav restaurant.  I never want to exchange big gifts for our anniversary...since December is an expensive month. 
I have never gone for expensive jewelry is just not me.  I do like gifts in  One year I got the Cricut....which was so cool.  My best gift I ever got ...was my daughter.

Come to the party at ...Whipperbery friday flair

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All I need to get back in time....

All I need to go back in time....are my record albums!!!
My mom has been gone for 15 years now...I miss her so get a little bit of her back...I play my old albums.  We grew up playing these in our house...over and over.  The cover at the top was my all time favorite album...loved it!!
I grew up in the 70' is life different now.
WE loved the carpenters...her voice was amazing!
Just hearing it gives me an instant great feeling.
My sister Angie hates "Merry Christmas darling" I sneak it in on her to get
This one was my didn't care for it , but it is funny.
Nothing groovier than this one....they still are hip
Ok...anything Johnny sings is magic!
Christmas album,
Angie loved Amy and then I hated to admit...she was right!
WE had was before the day of video tape....the album basically was the whole show on was still fun.
Gonna miss Andy....he passed away this year.  We used to watch his Christmas specials.
Now days we watch Michael Buble.
I loved these because there was a good variety of stars singing.  Barbara Streisand is at the top with black hair...strange.
I thought this angel was pretty gold.
I also just loved this was so cool all the pictures on these candles.
It is funny what stays in our memories.
Music is special and I love the beautiful is priceless.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Page out of Dickens

Christmas Carol Sock: a Dicken's Christmas E-pattern
This is a wonderful new treasury on Etsy called...a page out of Dickens
I just love "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens!
All these items were carefully picked out for a delightful treasury.
What a pretty stocking pattern above!

Honor Christmas Scrooge sign digital - beige uprint words charles dickens vintage style paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
This is my sign...a saying Scrooge said.

Vintage French White Cotton Night Gown With Monogram E.S.
A gorgeous gown
Christmas -  Scrooge from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol   -  Vintage Image
Cool print
Primitive wooden small child crutches.....Think of Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim's crutch!
Primitive Bah Humbug Sign
Sometimes I think
works of charles dickens, 15 volume set - 1924
Everything looks like it could come from another era
1913 Bank Ledger - Tupelo, Mississippi
I love old ledgers
Postage Stamp Brooch - A Christmas Carol - Mr Scrooge's Nephew
22-Inch Christmas Wreath with Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" Book Paper and Double Berry Accent
A beautiful paper wreath
10 Bah Humbug questionnaires
Fun, fun, fun
Colorful Purple Fingerless Gloves, Womens Winter Gloves in Purple, Pink and Yellow, Winter Knit Warmers ohtteam, Christmas
Looks cozy!
Top Hat Vintage Vase - Amethyst Blown Glass
Lovely vase....nice purple glow
I just watch the Mr. Magoo's Christmas carol...I know it is a silly version...but I love it anyway....reminds me when I was a kid.....wanting razzle berry dressing!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting ready for the new year!

Old Happy New Year Tags Collage Paper Sheet - U Print art years eve vintage saying party sayings aceo scrapbooking primitive digitaL is only 2 weeks until Christmas!
But don't forget about New Years Eve!
These are a few items I have in my Etsy shop for New Years Eve
I have cute tags.
Happy New Years Stitchery doorknob decor E Pattern - eve party decorations primitive Pdf pillow embroidery
A simple and easy stitchery/embroidery...for a fresh start.
New Years Eve Badges E Pattern email Pins doll PDF jewelry ribbon bell christmas party primitive old
Badges to make for your New Year's Eve party.
Ringing in the New Year Pink sign digital   - uprint NEW vintage art words primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
Digital download and print.
Fascinator Party Hats with Banners E Pattern - Halloween Christmas easy quick sewing all holidays primitive pdf
Party much fun!
Happy New Year Flash Cards - vintage like 16 altered eve resolution noisemaker 2012 party  scrapbooking digital uprint primitive
Flash cards that look cute by champagne glasses.
fun New Years Resolutions sign digital   - uprint NEW vintage art words primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
Fun signs
Create your own Personalized banner pdf collage sheets - party easter wedding Garland holidays primitive birthday wedding paper
and banners to make....for any time of the year as well.
We just got some snow, looks beautiful....but driving in it was not so slick!
Take extra time to drive around now that winter is taking over!