Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas....57 years ago!

Wow...Christmas is almost here!
I was just looking through one of my Christmas magazines....from 1955!
I always get a good laugh when I see old crafting mags...people were really limited back then!
I do kind of like the pink number above....I love pink!

Here we have a really cool family in their atomic type house.
Notice how the mom is poking her Xmas cards in her cool!

I love the matching aprons...they are probably going to be making some sugar cookies!
I have a couple aprons, never put them on though.  My hubby is making dinner right now.....smells yummy!

You know it has to be the old days when a magazine says there are 268 gay decorations!
The food always looks so horrible...and the crafts are made from gourds and sequins.

This is a GAY pine of those big cones.  I do remember making a pine cone tree in 3rd was fun and a little hokey.  Most of the things on the tree are foreign to me.....what are they?
Yep...the crafting world is soooo much better now!!!

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  1. Enjoyed the stroll back in time - as 'they' say, "we've come a long way, baby". ;D