Friday, December 28, 2012

IT's almost the NEW YEAR!

I can't believe it is almost 2013....time flies!
Here is another New Years design....stitch it up for a pin to wear on New Years Eve!
We had a nice Christmas considering the horrible thing that happened while opening prezzies.
My daughter was opening her last gift...the big was a really nice camera from Target.
She is really good at photography and she really wanted a better camera.
She opened it....and there was NO CAMERA inside!!!
WE all had heart attacks and my daughter bravely fought off the disappointment.
To make a very long story short....I marched in to target at opening and told our story.  The manager tried her tricks of giving us the least satisfaction(like having us go to another target store to pick up the camera plus 10% off).....but me being a recovered SHY who doesn't just take things anymore....I demanded a nice upgrade on cameras....and got it! 
The manager admitted it was their fault since they gave us a display box, which was heavy with accessories.  Now my daughter is happy with a Nikon...100 dollars more than the other camera....and so am I. 
I used to be the biggest shy person....I believe I was born that way....but with years of experience of life....I have changed.  I wish I could have recovered from shyness much sooner...but better late than never!  My whole family was the opposite of shy(big loud mouths! I actually got heard a lot by being quiet....strange huh!


  1. Shirley, what a disappointment for your daughter but it turned out so well, thanks to you being a recovered SHY person - well done.
    Thanks for the freebie .... now do I have time to stitch it by the 31st. ;D
    Happy New Year!

  2. So nice to hear from you Kate....My daughter did her best to have a Merry Christmas, knowing we would take care of it...but deep inside I was sooooo upset. I was the shy kid who would not talk unless I knew you. Now I have conversations with strangers in line at the store....a lot of the time people come up to me to is strange.