Saturday, April 17, 2021

Happy Weekend

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Hello Sunny April!

April is here!
I'm so excited that spring is here and winter is behind us!
My tulips are blooming and it's fun to look in the garden for new growth.  My rhubarb is up and looking strong too. Easter is just a few short days away too...I love the decorations and the colors are so pretty.

I made a new phone and tablet here for the download.

I drew some spring flowers and polka dot eggs for the background...making repeating patterns are pretty fun.
I have a brand new design!
Thrill of the hunt- Embroidery & mini quilt pattern #418

Easter is coming ... the thrill of the hunt is part of all the fun!
Add some scraps of fabric to the sides of the design for a whimsical mini quilt with rick rack all the way around. It's super fun, quick and easy to do!

Embroidery design measures: 5” x 6 3/8”
Mini quilt measures: 10 3/4” x 12 1/4”

Here is another shot of the mini quilt.
Each month I have been making a really simple mug rug for my table by my recliner...
this one is for Easter time.

I used the sweetest bunny fabric... it reminds me of vintage gift wrap.

I love having a mug rug that fits a coffee or tea mug and maybe a water bottle too. Also maybe a small snack could fit on it too!

Here is the dimensions...the featured fabric goes on the 5" x 5" square. I added coordinating strips next to it and the outer border strips too. Add cotton batting in between top and backing.  Quilt or sew around strips. These wash well, just iron after.

Just a reminder....the April surprise pack is still available in my etsy shop. 
I have the prettiest bike!
I added fake flowers to the basket. I feel so special while riding it!
The days are finally getting nice enough to ride.
I wanted to show you a few areas in my house that is drenched in Easter decor.
My white tree is my favorite....I have made most all the ornaments on it.
It really glows at night.

I love vintage honeycomb.  I made that chenille pink chick ages ago.

My bunny girl doll is sitting with a small needle felted bunny.... lots of corny goodness.
I love the vintage white bunny, the troll my pal Sue made and lots of paper items.

I made 3 bunnies this year, and all have sold, to very good homes!
They are always a fun to create!

I have been playing with shimmery watercolors and prismacolor colored pencils.
When I feel like snacking at night...I pull our my art and do something creative instead.
Since I had a stroke at age 53 and found out I have diabetes.. I take it all very seriously.

I don't care how goofy my drawing is, if it lightens my spirits...its a winner!

I often draw and watercolor in my my journals. I have been loving spring themed items.

I found these great crayola colored pencils at Walmart...all the skin colors you need.... finally.

I had the hardest time making little faces I its a breeze.

This was my first quick drawing.

I shaded in this line drawing I did....she really came to life.

This was a little piece of art I made of my Sister Angie. When we were little she got this racketball game for Christmas...we played with it endlessly.

I got some Bosca marking pens....they are like paint in a cool!

I made so many little treasures.

I threw them all in my strawberry shortcake lunch pail....great container for them!

I also made a shimmery Kermit...he has always been special to me!
He looks better in shiny.


This is a sneak peek of the MAY SURPRISE PACK....