Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pretty and Pink Sewing Goodies

Sweet Pink Lamb Pincushion  Pin Keep Pin Cushion
This is an Etsy Treasury I put together....combining my favorite Sewing goodies!!
Pink Cupcake Pincushion -  pin keep cushion flower leaves icing glitter sewing supply needle pins
Pink cupcake pincushion
Vintage Fabric, Pink Rose Print, Sewing, Fat Quarter
Retro vintage fabric
Reserved for Cheri Pink Vintage Sewing Supplies
Sewing supplies...yay!
Vintage CASIGE Toy Sewing Machine Pink Works
Isn't this adorable!
Pin cushion  in red, pink and aqua patchwork with linen in a bird theme Perfect mother's day, Easter or hostess gift
Love this pretty and sweet!
Vintage Pink and Cream Sewing Basket, Mid Century, from Tessiemay
This cutest pink sewing basket
New 2011 Large Mannequin Dress Form E Pattern - jewelry holder Pincushion Pin Keep email primitive pdf pinkeep cushion
Mannequins...great for display.
In The Pink Sewing Supplies---Pink Lace buttons and trims
More delicate sewing supplies...reminds me of being little again.
Cording:  Baby Pink Rope Cording Sewing Trim 1/4 inch wide x 1 yard
Pink cording....this has soooo many uses!
I love sewing supplies....can't get enough of them...hope you like this treasury!

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