Friday, March 10, 2017

Happy teddy freebie & Irish shenanigans

Everyone loves Teddy bears....and this is a really happy one.
So get your happy on.
I was recently stressed because our hot water pressure in our home was terrible...
I really thought we would have to pay thousands to solve everything...
it turned out to be just changing our hot water tank.
But I was so miserable.
Now that things are solved....I got my happy back!!!
It is amazing how attitude and problems solved can make us feel better.
This lil bear would make a cute tag!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Here I am showing them in my own home decor.
I got the goofy Irish gal above at a thrift store last year.
There are 9 different flash cards...this is an instant download..u print on 3 pieces of cardstock. 
The words/phrases you get are: Shake your shamrocks, Ask me about my lucky charms, Lucky me I have you!, Kiss me...I 'm magically delicious, Let the shenanigans begin, eat drink and be irish, Smart sassy irish lassie, top o' the mornin' to ya, and you look like I need a drink (that one is pretty funny). Each one comes with a number and a shamrock on the corner. They measure: 7 1/4" x " x 3 1/8".

They are alot of fun just sitting them around the house. 
Plus it is great for party decor....or to hold up for photo booths or pics at the party.  
I like the total fun of this holiday...nothing should taken too seriously on this day. 
She is a cute doll made by my friend R'chelle. 
I put this one on a huge honeycomb hat. 
This is on my piano....the bust is wearing one of my hats (my own pattern) and I thought this card was funny. 
The hat says Party O'
Fun dolls made from R'chelle and Sue....I have slowly collected over the years. 
Sweet and romantic.
My daughter celebrates her anniversary with her boyfriend on St. Patrick's day.

She has mugs...


Travel mugs....

Comforters..... and more.
She is always learning...designing...drawing...cutting wood...taking pictures....
on and on....she is a hard worker.
I try to teach her everything I know and she often shows me stuff now!
I'm so proud!

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