Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cherry dog freebie, home, and mini pins

This little doggie is so old fashioned, but cute.
I am not sure how cherries and a puppy go together, but who cares!
I love cherries!
Copy and save.
Stitch it up onto a towel!
I illustrated our house this was a fun challenge by the Roost tribe.
It has some serious flaws, but no bodies perfect right?
I did it really fast...a mad dash to get it done.

This is the picture I used to help me....
Last year's fall picture.
It was fun trying to figure out the drawing and make it work.

I am also bringing fabric, supplies, all of Selina's wood pendant and ornaments blanks.... and of course ... my patterns.
We have a new spot (#39) in bay 2...a double booth.
These are super easy badges to Celebrate Halloween! They are 15 different small...minis... perfect to add to your witch dolls, pumpkins, halloween decor, great for parties, and on you of course! Minis measures: 2 1/2" x 4". 
Sayings included are: R.I.P., Eek!, Oct 31st, Boo!, Old Hag, Spells 2 bits, Potions, Devilish, Salem 1692, Hex Symbol, Magic, Witchy, Monster mash, Trick or treat, and Scaredy cat.
Ruffles are easy to make using crepe paper or party streamers. This is a very inexpensive craft to make, great for shows! 
All you need are ribbons/trims, old paper from a book, glue, glitter, party streamers, and pinbacks.
This four pack ...called the candy pack is $14.25...regularly $19.00 
She has hexies and tags....packs to make your own and some finished items too. 
You can make your own rings....with the tiniest scrap of your favorite fabric!
Only 4.87...regularly $6.49
Franky is only $11.25 with cool chain! 
My favorites are the hexies!
They are easy to just pop in your embroidery or fabric and glue. 
With this pack are- 3 pumpkin ornament wood blanks (3 different designs). These are not tinted (but you can tint them by adding a wash of watercolor to very easy!!!) Hooks to hang are included.
Enjoy yourself...relax and be joyful

Come to fantastic mondays!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie! That is a good illustration of your house!!! :)