Thursday, September 28, 2017

Life's a stitch & Halloween corsages

This week has been CRAZY!
I hope things get back to normal...and become relaxing and tranquil.
I guess life is full of surprises...and sometimes they come in multiples!
Oh well...I have faith that all will be fine in the end.
Do you ever feel this way?

I drew this freebie up to reflect a happy
This would make a fun tag!
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make a couple finished goods (no mass producing) and a couple gifts...they are still legally my designs.
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Do you love a big splashy corsage?
I do!
I had to make a fun pattern with corsages....then I thought that these would also be great for other projects too!
Like this fun a simple wreath!

My new pattern:
comes with patterns and instructions to make all the above elements.

These are just some of the corsages you can make!
This fun pattern has all the elements to make your own big corsage for a party or an evening out. 
They look terrific on your coat or blouse. You can make them big & splashy or more demure.

You can make fun ornaments...
 or They can be kitchen magnets or gift toppers as well. 
Designs included: Witch, Frankenstein, pumpkins, skull, ghost, cat, owl, leaves, bat, spider, scarecrow, flowers, candy corn, eyeball & much more! 
These are easy and kids would love to make them too. This is a BIG pattern!! There are lots of instructions, detailed pattern pieces, and photos! 

I love how each one is very different and can have the elements you like the best.
My daughter modeled a few for me...
I love owls!
I had a spider crawl in my ear came from above the hottub...I freaked out and went under water...I have never

This pattern is also on my website (printed and mailed paper patterns) and on Patternmart as well.

I made this with the crazy for lashes.
The ideas are limitless!!!
My sale pattern of the week is....
Sale is over now
The pattern has three designs...
a cool crow... 
Cat treat holder ....holding little pumpkins... 
and a ready to spook cat!
These are super easy and quick to stitch up!
Live it up.....

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  1. Thanks for the freebie. I had to go get that cute pattern, and found a Christmas one, too. (@gingerkwilt)