Monday, September 18, 2017

Halloween Pumpkin yarn Dream catchers

Isn't this cute?  
I love making easy peasy crafts...that turn out pretty darned adorable!
These halloween dream catchers....wave in the wind of a nearby tree...spooky, but too cute~
I made these yarn dream catchers  above in May and put them on my blog...
They are still looking fab!
So I thought I could take the same idea and make halloween pumpkins!
I gathered up the usual
yarns, strings, embroidery hoops (any size or sizes), glue, felt...
They are simply made by wrapping yarn around the middle (inside) put the outer  embroidery hoop aside for now.
Hold your beginning end in place or glue it down, and once another piece wraps around it then it stays in place.  If you just wrap the yarn around the hoop and and move the yarn slightly each time, then everything will stay in place.
I have had this orange yarn for a while...just waiting for a project.
Sometimes you just have a left over skein or ball of yarn...perfect for wrapping around a hoop.
Wrap, wrap, wrap until you like the fullness of it.
Then place your outer hoop around it and tighten.
I cut out some felt eyes, nose and mouth....
and here is one of the faces.
I added alittle white felt for highlights in eyes.
I think hot gluing the face on is best.
This is the tiny the funny teeth.
They are fun and silly....
At the bottom is just some long string tied on or looped through the hoop.
These took no time at all!
I added a string to tie them into the trees.
The wind will make them float around.
This is a big 12" hoop.
Any size is fun...
I often get embroidery hoops at thrifts stores and garage sales.
They are so cheap and then so is the yarn and felt.

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  1. Cute idea, especially hanging them outside! Visiting from Home Matters party.

  2. You know, they just LOOK like fun! Thanks for the ideas.