Friday, September 1, 2017

Autumn.... freebie,

Isn't this a sweet saying!
I love it.
Summer is finally passing by into an Indian summer.
Labor day is upon us...I always watch the movie "Picnic".
(It is one from my childhood...made before I was born but we always watched it every labor day).
Soon our fair will be here and lots of crafts shows (can't resist them!).

Please copy and save the freebie...let your friends know about the freebies every Friday on my blog!

I have been working on a variety of projects lately....
I had a card challenge...from the roost tribe.
In August you had to make a card using your designs...
I love Halloween so I had to choose it as my subject.
Here is the back...with a trail of candy corn.
When printing the card it is set up this way....the back to the left and the front to the right side.
IT was very fun!
These are Selina's card designs.... both for birthdays...
one was her woodland forest creatures and the other's theme was desserts.
My sewing table is a disaster...covered with beads, pom poms, leaves and more...
all Halloween supplies....
It goes hand in hand with my next project....more on that later!
While watching some of my crazy shows...I draw on my tablet...
it is addicting and fun...then I can transfer it to the computer to manipulate it later.
I was stitching this earlier in the week...
It is part of another cool project Selina has been making....more details soon!
I am having a labor day sale...everything is 25% off on my etsy shop...
The prices are cut right on the etsy is so easy and you can see the discount on every page.
 (The sale is my HudsonsHolidays shop lasts until Sept 9th)

All my Christmas and all the holidays and of course regular designs too!!
This shop has finished items for sale.
She has supplies to make mini hoop pendants, hexies pendants, earrings, rings, ornaments, tags....
lots she has some finished products too!
Her 3 packs are great to put embroidery in....they all come with instructions and a pattern.
She is going to have some brand new items in the shop real real soon....I over the moon about them.
Most importantly......
Praying for everyone who has gone through Hurricane Harvey.

I remember when I was a house burnt clothes, no toys, no money....nothing....
I remember how devastating it was...
if it wasn't for the kindness of others I don't know what would have happened to us.

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  1. Yes I love the saying too. Thanks for sharing your freebie at #HomeMattersParty