Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter bunny...vintage days

Good Monday to you!
I collect lots of Vintage Holiday books and die cuts...had to share this one with ya!
Back in the old innocent days.....there were sweet holidays books...made by Whitman.
These books were chuck full of fun and cuteness!!!

Whee!  It's Easter!
Who says that now?  I remember mom making us girls Easter dresses and picking out hats at Kmart!
We would go to church and then home for the hunt!
There was always a chocolate bunny in a basket and it was our job to find the rest of the candy.
Candy was like PURE GOLD to us....we didn't get candy throughout the year unless you were practically dying.

Sweet chick and bunny!

These color pages are so is hard to find a good coloring book now....unless you like hello kitty (which I still do!)

This is cool....draw in the goodies in the basket!
There used to be a weird egg candy that all of us was a hard shell...hollow inside, with a sugary was always brick hard, but looked festive.  I never see that candy anymore....maybe everyone else hated it too.
Mom ate them.

Creepy eggs at the top!

So sweet...the imagination gets to go crazy with this.

More cuteness

I want this basket....with a stuffed animal.

Ok...we know how rabbits are....they multiply.

Easter egg stands....they never seems to work out right for me...I like eggs in a basket anyway.
Hope you liked the tour through the book.  I like to tell my daughter how things used to be....she still listens which is cool!

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