Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspirational Flash cards

You are probably thinking...doens't this gal ever stop making flash cards?  Nope!  I just love them!  I have made some inspirational ones....cause I like to be inspired all day long.
This saying is right by my table that I do alot of paper crafting.  These flash cards are terrific just framed up with some old music paper background.  Old music can be found at thrift stores really inexpensively.
I love a simple statement....it goes a long way!
This set of flash cards (15) are available on my etsy....just $3.69...sent in an email to you...u print.  So easy!  I had these at my last show....so popular!  Will this be the last of my flash cards?  I don't think so.....lol.

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