Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring arts and crafts show- spokane

Good morning!  I am just posting a few items that I made recently and were at a big craft show a couple weeks ago... I 've been meaning to show you, but our family was sick last week....now I have to take kitty Froy to the vet today :(
This is my Chocolate mouse (sold)...I wasn't sure I would like him when I was making him, but he was popular.

Here is my mouse holding felted egg (still available). ..I have it so you can take the egg from his hands when it isn't Easter time. 

This little mouse is creative! I put him on a tuffet of the quilt block-cathedral window.  He is available too....just contact me if you are interested.  I also sell patterns for the mice too.

I love PARIS!  Using old music paper is one of my favorites.

I also love using my flash cards to make framed art.  This is one of my favorite sayings ever...it is soooo true!

I love "The Tudors" so I had to make king henry and anne boleyn.....on hearts with my crepe paper frills.

Here is some of my booth.....very girly.....but I can't help it!!

Here is my mannequin (my patttern) and flash card art.  Look how the mouse got into the picture...he is sneaky!

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