Friday, March 11, 2011

Freebie friday- Vintage wallpaper backgrounds

These are some great vintage wallpaper backgrounds....aged alittle too.
These are great to use as backgrounds for ATCs and other artwork.
I love the old styles of wallpaper.  My house is full of wallpaper in grandmother put it everywhere and in many layers.  She loved to change things up!
There is something peaceful in these era that is long gone.
I also use these background in soldered pendants and for making tags.  Have fun with these....I love them. 
I hope everyone in Japan gets to safety and they get the help they need!


  1. What beautiful designs Shirley thank you so much! And I echo your thoughts for the people of Japan, what a terrible tragedy. Deb

  2. I love, love the vintage wallpapers!!! some of my fav. things to find! Thanks!