Thursday, April 21, 2011

My studio artwork

Hi, This morning I just want to share a few paintings I did which are in my studio.  I like to have my artwork(including my samples from my patterns) mixed in with things I love and other artists artwork.  It makes for a very happy place.  The painting above is my current fav.  My daughter glittered this heart for me!

This little girl I painted up as an a painting looks on old music paper.  The result is.....yes I like it.  Her eyse are HUGE.

This lady is among my pink tickets, pink girl figurine, old photos, and eiffel tower.

I have tons of containers for my markers, brushes, colored pencils, and so forth.  In the center of it all is my half painted lady....alittle bizarre, but fun!
It snowed again today....but it didn't stick....where is spring?


  1. Your ladies are all lovely Shirley, what a wonderful studio to work in! If you happen to find Spring, please point it in my direction as well! Deb

  2. A great art display...I am slowly getting into this kind of art myself.......wish me!!