Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Looks like a monster....doesn't it!  It is my collection of "google eyes".  What should I do with these babies?  Why do I have so many?  I just like them. 

It is one of those craft supplies you pick up at thrift stores or garage sales.....I might have to make some really corny pencil toppers...you remember those pencil toppers with fake long fur...in bright colors...with google eyes on the fur to make it look like a monster.  lol.
Ok...back to work!


  1. I have been reading your blog (which it just too much fun) and when I came to the post with the google eyes collection, I just about died when I saw the plate that the eyes were on. My grandmother had these dishes - I washed them soooo many times. Can you tell me what brand and line they are by chance? I have looked and looked online and cannot find them. Thank you!

  2. Hi Amy, I tried to email you, but I didn't see your email address. The bottom of the plate says.....Lifetime China co. Semi-vitreous. Alliance, Ohio. Gold crown.