Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas of JOY

Good Monday to you!
I want to share a few things with you.....
Yesterday I had a wonderful 18 year wedding Anniversary!
My hubby bought me a Silver Irish ring...which is just what I wanted!
We went out and saw the Exodus movie and had a great time shopping and looking at lights!
I'm thankful to have such an awesome husband!
Above is my latest pattern....
I wish thee a Christmas of joy!
It is on my website as a printed/mailed form.
This dashing reindeer is saying " I wish thee a Christmas of joy". Such a charming embroidery quick, easy and fun to do. Add shading, glitter and small bells to the design... simply sweet! Finish the embroidery in a hoop with a big yarn bow.
Cozy up next to the fireside and stitch this sweetie today! This makes a great gift for a special pal, looks great hanging in your home, & also is a fun craft show seller.
Finished design in hoop measures: 
10 1/2" x 10 3/4"
Embroidery design measures:
8 3/4" x 5 1/2" 
I set up my bulletin board a little better. This is my new office space....not in my studio.
I am trying to put things up I have either made, things that inspire me, and things that are coming up.
This beautiful artwork is from my daughter...she made this a few years back.  It is hanging in my office....the colors are gorgeous.  I love having pieces of her around me.
I hung up some more paintings....this is above my desk and computer.
My house is full of old wall house is ....OLD.  1921.
Wallpaper hides the cracking in the plaster...the yellow is just hokey enough to make it cool
I love my old globe my hubby got to the gum my pal Marilyn sent me.
I have springy twigs with felt balls and birds high up near the ceiling.
I had to share with you this Santa on the house story.
Back in the 70's when I was a kid....we didn't have that many decorations...maybe a box for ornaments and a box for a few decos.
We got a Santa on the house one Christmas from Kmart.  
I was is heaven.
You pull the Santa which has a string....and he can ski up to the a music box plays...jingle bells.
He would slowly ski was magical.
We played with it so much it fell apart.
Eventually is was a shambles....and I saved the music box part for years....just a small white box.
Then....ebay came along....There was this wonderful item...never used in the box.....for $4.99!!!!!
I was soooo my daughter loves this and she will get it for her the future of course....she is only 17.
Sometimes the simplest things can bring such happiness!

Come to Thrifty thursday!!

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