Friday, December 12, 2014

Quill- alphabet series freebie

This was an unusual one...quill.  Seems like something Scrooge and his clerk would use plenty of.
Scrooge probably just plucked some feathers out from any bird  that was close by.
For earlier letters in this series...go back to my past Friday posts. Remember ...these would be sweet to stitch up in a kids quilt or on lil pillows.  Fun to color as well. Copy and save.

Next week will be: "R is for ____"
Be the first to guess the correct answer to what "R" could stand for ....and you will get a sweet prize. I think someone should be able to answer this one easily!  Just make your guess in the comment section of this blog post.
One guess per person to make it fair! 

My new snowflake chenille stem Christmas ornaments pattern is ready!!
I love chenille stems or pipe cleaners....I don't care what they are called...I just love them.
Let's decorate the tree and celebrate Christmas!  
Vintage Christmas ornaments and banner pattern #345....
Is in my etsy shop, patternmart and my website (printed/mailed patterns)
These chenille stem ornaments have a vintage they are fun, easy, and quick to make.
All the artwork for 8 different designs are included!  
There is Santa, a girl with candy cane, Reindeer, bells, wreath, snowman, tree, and gingerbread.
There are also banners: Joy & happiness, Ho ho ho, Sweet Christmas, Oh Christmas tree, Jingle bells, candy candy wishes, Jolly happy soul, and It's a wonderful life. 
Finished design measures: 6" x 6", not including hanger
The artwork could also be used as tags.
Just adding glitter makes it sparkle. 
These are super quick to make!

This collage sheet comes in the pattern...imagine the possibilities!


  1. Quill is cute, but I never would have guessed that. Thank you for these, and for the fun of guessing. Is R for Rooster?

  2. Quill was hard! and I am sorry to say that rooster is not right....good guess.