Saturday, December 13, 2014

What are you doing New Year's?

Christmas comes in 12 days!
I need to shop some more.
But....New Year's is coming fast too!
On New years I get out my party these badges for everyone to wear!
These are super easy badges to Celebrate the New Year! They are so easy that it is also great to make with kids. Badges can be made in small & large size. They are great pinned on you, your dolls, wreath, Great for parties, and amongst your decor. Make one for each party guest to wear this New Year's Eve!!! Measures: large: 4 x 8", Small:3" x 6". All you need are ribbons/trims, wool felt or felt, old paper from a book, glue, glitter, and pinbacks.
Sayings include: Happy new years!, Bright hopes for the future, January 1st, 2 kinds of clocks, and auld lang syne. 
These small hats are super Easy to make, Fun & Quick, take only small amounts of fabric( soooo inexpensive!), and can be made for ANY TIME OF THE YEAR or occasion. The hats are great for New Year' Eve parties, Birthdays, Christmas parties and gatherings. Each hat can be uniquely different or you an create matching hats. They are light, extremely comfortable, & clip on snuggly. No longer do you have to have a strap or headband to have your lil party hat stay on. They also make great craft show sellers! Finished products can be sold on ebay or etsy too...just mention me as the designer.
20 different banner are included! Measures:3 1/2" x 5 1/4"to 5 1/2" x 6 1/4"...depending on embellishments. These hats are for both Adults and Kids!
This is my daughter modeling!
Signs really help decorate for new years!
Download instantly, print...put in a frame.
Making a fresh start....
These tags are fun by the chips and dip...near the punch bowl!
These fun tags are made from vintage photos...I dolled them up and added fun quotes.
Just download and print.
Hang these in the kitchen...prop up near the candles or lights....color in with the kids...
UPDATED FOR 2015. You can print them off, add glitter and add some yarn and use them over and over. I drew each design with pen and ink. All 8 tags fit on one sheet.
I always hang this on my door....I think New Years colors are varied ...lots of fun bright colors.
"Happy New Year Here's to a fresh start stitchery pattern" is a fun embroidery design to whip up.
Create your own banners.... anytime and for any occasion. 
See the Happy New Year banner at the bottom right hand side?
This is a six page set of beautiful letters on a rectangle (measures:3 3/16" x 3 3/4")...all 26 alphabet letters, instructions, extra letters that are used more often and a blank card so you can add your own symbols or design.
This is an old Irish saying!
 Print and frame (dollar store and thrift stores have tons of cheap frames)
This is a set of 16 HAPPY NEW YEAR FLASH a PDF instant download, that I created. UPDATED TO 2015 ( the 2010 is really says 2015)!! 
You can use them over and over... just print on CREAM colored cardstock when you need them, and cut out.
The words you get are: Happy, New, Year, Kiss, 2015 (2010 is shown in picture), Auld, Lang, Syne, Resolutions, Noisemaker, Count Down, January 1st, Fresh Start, Party, Celebrate, and Midnight. Each one comes with a lovely definition and number.
They measure: 3 5/8" x 2 1/4".
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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