Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cats & wool

I got some old craft pictures off my old computer...fun to look back at what I was making and selling.
I was really trying to get family pics off the computer....so this was a nice surprise.
Please excuse my lame scans....lol.
I loved making little wool pins....especially with cats on them.
Above is jumping kitty....I made a pattern with this one in different colors.

These were so fun to use up tons of tiny scraps.

3 kittens in a basket.
Cat angel....fun and wild!
kitty with bird

This is my favorite.....I love the flowers with the kitty

I made soooo many and sold them all. 
But I made this all kitty cat pattern so I don't have to make tons of these...and it still sells!
Sometimes crafts are timeless.
Have some time for yourself....if you can work it out!

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  1. These little cat creatures are so so cute. I'm sure they were fun to make too.

  2. so aDORable! i love cats (especially mine) and these are so cute.

  3. Thanks! My 3 cats are so wonderful too! They each have their own personallity and special qualities!