Saturday, November 29, 2014

Embroidery stitches

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We did and we are putting up our tree (it's fake) I will get out my pine tree tarts to put in my tart warmer!
My husband put together this great platter for Thanksgiving....
It's what Charlie Brown made for his friends on Charlies Brown's Thanksgiving!!!
We laughed and laughed about this.
Then people starting eating this crazy!  It was a joke!
I thought you would all like a handy chart of embroidery stitches above.
It is nice to print out and play with some different stitches in your embroidery.
I plan on watching the Grumpy cat movie and maybe the Disney Christmas carol with Jim Carrey tonight.....sounds like great fun!
Sneaky peaky of next pattern...coming so soon!

Come to thrifty Thursday & Come to the pin me linky party and the party bunch!


  1. Love the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving platter! And thanks for posting the embroidery chart. I'll have to send this link to my sister, who was just recently asking me about embroidery stitches. Can't wait to see more of the pattern!

  2. Fun post...thanks a lot too for the stitches...will laminate and keep with my travelling crafty bag ! Love the little birdie and "Joy to the World" Enjoy a fun week