Thursday, November 6, 2014

Working on design

This fall and winter ...I have different plans than usual. 
I plan to learn all I can in adobe illustrator and photoshop.
I am having a blast so far.
When I learn something new...I feel like a kid in a candy shop!
Above is a photo my daughter Selina took...and I grabbed all the cool colors from it to make my own color palette for illustrator.
Now when I am designing something...I can just click on this palette and use these pretty colors....or any other palettes I created.

Here I am making a Things to do list...I took one of my drawings and colored it up.  This is a screenshot of what it looks like when I am working on it.
I am probably going to tweak it some more.  The bunny pincushion is too large on the page.
It is fun to work with it though....I keep learning new things this way.

This is a screenshot of another project in illustrator.  I drew a raggedy Ann drawing in my sketch book and then took a pic of it from my camera on my phone.  I sent it to myself and popped it in illustrator so I could recreate it.  I redrew it and colorized it.  Here you can see the drawing before and after.

Here I am farther along in the process...I drew a charlie brown like tree and banner.
I gave her more detail and shadow.  This is not finished yet...I just wanted you to see how it changes.  All this is a learning experience and my goal is to get my artwork out on products and fabrics.  
I am still working on crafty stuff and designs....I just want to concentrate heavily on this artwork.

This is one of my first you can see...I have been drawing Raggedy Ann for quite some time. I love her!

I have some things to work on ....gotta go!
Have a sweet Throwback Thursday......
Had to share another oldie but goodie (I say that because it is a pattern that still sells)

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