Monday, November 24, 2014

Chalk boards & more

Christmas is coming....
I know it isn't 15 days yet....I just didn't want to put 31
I have been having fun playing around with some brand new products from Deflecto.
I colored up this small easel board with the chalk markers...they are so cool.
They come in several colors too...not just white.
I also added glitter trim and a bow (looks like the kind we used back in the day).
I added the candy cane paper to the marker...just for holiday fun!

The colors are nice and vibrant!
I feel like a kid again!
I feel like a kid again! The chalk markers come off with water...just dampen a paper easy. I am so ready for Christmas time to be here....all the decorating, baking, music, fun movies and TV shows like charlie brown and frosty the snowman....oh boy.

I just love Deflecto's frames...this one is so is magnetic!  The front is clear acrylic....just pull apart from the magnetic back...insert you photo or sign and clip the front back on . It literally takes a few seconds to frame something.
This has an awesome curve to it....reminds me of the new TV's with the curve.

I organized my brushes, colored pencils, and markers in this clear storage box.

This is very handy on a desk.

My paint brushes have been through the ringer...but still very useful!

Glitter station!!!
This is nothing but GLITTER! I have a huge collection of it...glitter is good for everything!

Use an old syrup pitcher from the thrift store to hold glitter!
I put my German glass glitter in mine.

More chalk boards!
I was just having fun doodling!

This one is bigger...great for a "To do" list.
The board just slides into can take it out from the wood base and wash it ...then put it back.
My daughter and I were playing a lot with these....just like when we used to color together.
My 40% off sale continues....more details here.
This is just one of over 340 patterns in my line!

Keep creating!!

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