Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Almost Thanksgiving....

Wow...It is almost thanksgiving....
time to visit with family,eat great food, play games, and have a blast!
Plus it marks the beginning of the holiday season....yay!
I plan on watching Charlie Brown's thanksgiving and also SNL's thanksgiving tonight! 
Just as a 40 off everything is active right now thru Dec 4th!
it is in my etsy shops....use coupon code
when checking out....
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The above picture is my French country burlap easy!! 
Cute lil guy!  The heart is filled in with beads...just stitching them on a couple at a time with thread and needle!
This is a great time to get patterns to make into gifts for Christmas..
and also projects to make throughout the long winter months when you are stuck inside! 
I designed quite a few make do/pincushions this years for most of the holidays...all on sweet paper mache boxes! 
I'm owl the luck you need.
Sweet St,. Patrick's day decor! 
One of my favorites....this bunny and egg set are adorable in person!
I made it into a pincushion....but it could be a treat box too! 
This one has a retro vintage appeal.
I have Patterns for everyday....
and loads of pincushions and sewing room decor...Lots of Valentines...
My favorite...Halloween....I really made a lot for this holiday!
Projects for your little girls, gifts for friends, and something for yourself!
Quilt patterns, embroidery, home decor....Patriotic patterns....Easter and Springtime....
There are flash cards for every occasion, tags, labels, and artwork
I have over 200 digitals to choose from! 
This is a faux type applique...sort of cheating ....way easier than regular applique.
This kitty angel is so virtuous.  Good advice and sweet. 
Silly pumpkin doll
I love his leaf like. 
This witch hat is fun...comes with the artwork and more not shown. 
This lil kitty is all stitched up...the banners are easy too.

This is my biggest sale of the year....after Dec is over :(

The sale is also in my Mrstiddlemouse etsy shop
which has finished goods
which has artwork
Use the same coupon code!

If you have a question.....just contact

I have alot more in my shop than patterns.....I have fun signs!
I usually print and then put in a dollar store frame.....makes great gifts....especially for people who have everything already!
Instant downloads are so get the link to download immediately...and then print on your printer. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

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