Monday, November 3, 2014

The soft side...of Christmas

I am a gal who likes traditional things for the most part.
I like Christmas to have lots of reds and greens...
but lately I have fell for the softer side of Christmas.
I love pretty pastels!
Above are some lovely pastels....a sweet merry Christmas sign (kinda has a retro vintage appeal), my snowman ornaments/shelf sitters and my "Where the tree top glistens" embroidered ornaments.
They are glittery ....I added some light bulb graphics to this picture for fun. 
My tree for the past few years has been a white tree.
I never would have guessed I would like this....but when I saw how lovely one was in the movie "Edward Scissorhands"....I changed my mind.  Even my husband thinks it is great. We can always change back to green in the future.
My painting from last year is mainly soft....I just had to put a red door on it though!
My front door is also red.....but my house in not is white.
I was always fascinated by the ornaments that were glass...with centers that would go inward and just gleam!  I made some unbreakable ones from felt! 
This is really soft....a regal French Christmas tree. 
I think Marie Antoinette would have liked it!
So many soft colors became popular in the 50's and 60's. 
I always imagine Andy Williams singing on a holiday special....corny yet fun! 
I love making signs with that old time feeling.

All of these projects/designs can be found in my etsy shop. 

Here is something for you to ponder:
Think big thoughts...
but relish small pleasures

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