Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Come see my WSQ booth!!!

I finally have some time to show you my booth at last weekend's Washington State Quilt show!

I love to have my Halloween set back in the corner....it was sparkly spooky.

I love my cubby hole (got it for 5 bucks at a thrift store!).  I stuffed the cubby holes with all kinds of goodies and supplies!

Keep calm and quilt on!!

Christmas patterns

Easter bunnies and wallhangings

I do alot of patterns featuring mice....they are a simple yet cute creature.

Pincushions are so popular...I think everyone is collecting them.

It was hard to fit everything in my booth, some things I had to put back in a box.

Ghouls night out!

I loved showing my new patterns

lil mice....so fun!

Halloween pins...I really enjoyed making these.

Ok....you know I love Halloween by now!  lol

I also love Christmas kitties and mice!

Chicks are so sweet

I love all the holidays

I love my new props...got show off the products.

I want to thank all of you who came and said such lovely and sweet comments.  I felt 10 feet high after this weekend....and I am short!  It really meant alot to me....to know that you like what I do and signing patterns was totally thrilling!


I love making items with old photos! 

Candy Canes...so cute on your door.

This guy got lots of women touching him all weekend...he is happy....ha ha

My mannequins patterns are a top seller...I have them in 3 sizes.

I love what I do, I can't imagine a better job for me!

Gingerbread, a favorite of mine.

Kitties and valentines.....sitting right next to my husband who helped alot this weekend and my daughter who enjoyed shopping!
Thanks everyone for saying hi to me....don't forget to check out my freebies link at the left side column.


  1. I love your booth..I would have gone nuts in there..you do such a nice job..and love the displays..I need to find one of those cubbies..great for the little stuff.;) have a wonderful evening.)

  2. Hi Shirley, You did a great job with your booth. I enjoyed making your Halloween patterns. I would love to have come to your show, but unfortunately you are a little to far away. Hope you had a great one. Have a great day. A Missouri Friend.

  3. Love your booth! Your creativity just amazes me! When you have some time stop over at my blog ... I am having a giveaway made from one of your freebie patterns!