Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vintage goodies....found

I went shopping yesterday...we had alot of fun...but we walked some rather scary parts of downtown Spokane to see all the little stores we wanted to see.  The above picture is a of a Avon kitty perfume holder....sweet honesty is inside.  I had this when I was little...I really treasured it....but it was long gone.  This one is like brand new!  With plenty of perfume that still smells sweet!

When we were little we went to the Hillyard Variety store...a 5 and 10 cent store.  All of us loved the perfume...Ben Hur.  We have been trying to find it for years....I scored it yesterday for 4 bucks.  Everytime I saw it on ebay they wanted a fortune for an empty bottle.  Boy...does it still smell great!

This isn't vintage...just cute! lol   This is my cat Froy ....doing what he does best...snoozing!

I found these old pipe says to make toys, favors, and novelties....boy do things change.

It is full of lovely colors...look it was once 10

This cheesecloth was wrapped around some cardboard to look like a small bolt of fabric....pretty cool!
I design alot of patterns using I always need more.

I love the Dennison company....and I love labels....25 cents for it only went up in price a few pennies.

This was in a bag....just a bag of goodies...I love carpet thick and useful....think whiskers!!!

We went to a thrift store too... I love pansies and stamping.  Plus I can always use another star punch.

Old French cool.

I don't know what it says....I took French in high school but I was always laughing and joking in that class...I don't know much about French....oh well.

These lil ladies are so cool...and dramatic!  I am always looking for cool old pics....I even got a Halloween party picture...but I am saving that til Halloween comes closer.  
Today we are reorganizing some of the rooms in our house...and I am spending a little time goofing around blogging...HE HE HE!!!!


  1. Such great finds ... thanks for sharing.

  2. oh I had one of those kitties too, I think mine was yellow and my sister had a purple one maybe?? Sounds like a fun day!!

  3. Great stuff! I'm always peeking in all the dead albums for some pictures but they must take them out if people leave them since I've never found any at the thrift store I go to all the time.

  4. Cool finds! I have the Avon kitty too and just love it. Anything cat is my style LOL Isn't it fun to scout out the good stuff?