Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mixed media artwork

Hi everyone!  Did you have a nice weekend and President's day?  I took my daughter to the orthodontist...great fun way to spend the afternoon....and then her bracket fell off that they just worked on and then they can't see her until next Tuesday.....I was not a happy camper.
But....I must let it go for now.
Here are some more new paintings....mixed media....I use lots of papers, acrylic paints, and different inks.

I am a big fan....of things that "Meow".  I have 3 tabbys....they are so much fun.  Right now they are snoozing it up.

This gal's hair reminds me of "Hairspray"....I love both movie versions.  

Sometimes just a one word statement is all you need.  
I have got to get busy...I have a huge list of things to do and I know I can only get to some of it today.  Have a pleasant afternoon!

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  1. Just so lovely! Love mixed media artwork and wish I could do it.