Thursday, February 23, 2017

Big buns freebie and easter bunny chick

I wanted to make you laugh today!!!
Hope I did. 
I like big buns and I cannot
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This freebie design would make a fun tag.
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I love checking out what others are doing...the inspiration out there is amazing.
I like to share fun pictures and ideas....
like this cute pic of my bunny mat.
I made a new surface pattern design...the New Easter Bunny!
I love the soft colors and sweet chick.
(These designs are not freebies...they are owned and designed by me...just had to clarify)
Here is a closer look!
There is a lot going on isn't there?!
First I draw some designs on the computer...first in black.....I colored the chick later.
Most designs start out plain old black. 
They seem kind of boring at first.
The butterfly, flowers and  doo-dads are in the finished design....

This is my drawing of the flower element.
I then put it into the computer....later I colored it.
When making a repeating design...I usually put all the designs on a square and make sure they are correct down to the last pixel.
The square is a perfect repeat...

I drag the square and things flowing over into the color swatches.
I can use the colors I originally chose....or change them.
It is fun to play with all of this...
before you know it...hours have gone by.
Spoonflower is a cool company that has tons of fabric...and you can make your own designs and have them printed on can also buy other designers fabric.
She has taken a course in fabric design...and she is sooo good at remembering everything.
She loves designing and is determined to be a fabric designer!!
My baby is only 19...she graduated high school in 2016.
Proud mama moment!!!

My favorite is Victoria dreamland!!!

I love the colors and the big rose!

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  1. You and your daughter are both so very creative. Good luck to her in the future. And yes I did get a good laugh at the your joke. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty