Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spokane...spring break part 2

Here is Mr. Seagull....he wants some fries I think...lol.  I like Seagulls for some reason.

Quack...our river has so many beautiful birds.


This is a fabulous bench...it is a piece of art.

Here is the pony on top of the carousel.
These pod things were cool in this tree....I am sure many of you know what kind of tree this is.

I like old buildings and all these fire escapes

Selina and Einstein...he he he.

Dana and Selina.....ready for their Red Robin meal.

Our power company here in Spokane....once called Washington Water Power....cool old building
This is a shot of the water just above where the water drops off making a huge fall.

It was truly frightening to stand here....the pic doesn't do it justice....the water was rough and tons coming over the edges.

The spray came up and gotch ya.

The Monroe street bridge.

This was also scary....good thing everything is safe here.

Our park has so many bridges to cross the Spokane river

Selina had so much fun...she took great pics.

I wanted to throw a beach ball in and see what would happen.
Down below the Monroe street bridge....we got drenched from spray....we hiked all up and down ....and we had nice weather too.

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