Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let's Go For It!!!

It's time to get ready and GO FOR IT! 
I love to be inspired by sayings....I really need the boost sometimes!
I made some digital inspire......made from old wallpapers, old ledger books and speciality papers.  I got out my old typewriter out and had fun typing away....I made these to inspire and let you know you should never give up on your dreams!
The sayings you get are on the cards are: There is no chance unless you take one, Take a risk, If you slip up, get up!, Stand up for what you believe, Nothing great comes easy, and Never settle for less, forget the rest, you deserve the best. They measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".
I framed this card up....dollar store frame and old music paper for a background.  I also added glitter.
Here I made a simple tag out of the card.   This would be a great gift tag....with a personal message on the back.

Take a compostion book ...add papers to the unpretty parts of the book and add a card....I also added glittery yarn from martha stewert and a rose button with seam binding ribbon.

I love to take a can .....cover it with old book pages and mod podge and then add a card.  Much prettier and inspiring than regular pencil holders.
These cards are on my ETSY for 3.89.

Come to Whipperberry Firday Flair party...too many great ideas to list.

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