Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dreams & Flowers

Here is the "Dream" pillow from last weeks freebie friday....all done up with my flowers.  Just go back to my freebies and the design is there....very easy to stitch up!

This is the dream pillow/ornie by my sweet.

Here is my 6 dollar display....I just went in my garage...picked out some old metal chairs, pots, and pans....and had alot of fun making this area cute.  The six dollars are for the marigolds and petunias.  I had the mums.....that came back in these pots from last year (miracle!)  I also have a million spider plants from one tiny plant my daughter bought a couple years ago...they are fun to add to the display.

Here is the front of my cottage.....this house has more room than you would think.  Plus I have two lots....on my other lot is a huge building ....I use for parties and storage.  My basement is huge and that is where my studio is.  We worked alot was nice to get so much done.....I was chainsawing trees....I had fun!  The power is intense!

Come to the party...Whipperberry friday flair!!!!

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