Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Locker makeover & teen fun

My dad had a paint a body shop a long time ago...and he used these lockers to store paint.  My daughter Selina decided to clean them up and paint them for her room.  They started out pretty awful huh!

They have been through alot!

Selina is ready for the challenge!  She loves painting....she has painted her room, an outdoor table, bench, wishing well, picnic table, desk....etc....

She had to scrap and pry off old paint.
We had all kinds of auto paint from my dad to use.

She gave it the graffiti look...worn and tattered. I predict she will paint it many times over.

Here she has filled it already.

She spattered and let it drip

Here is her "S" above her desk....this is huge! 

She likes to display her art and goth dolls and such.

She displays old records on this wall....she bought them at goodwill and was hammering like a mad man.

Here is her mixed media octopus.
Oops ...forgot this pic of the other side of her locker.
Above her bed is a peacock she made, a painted tape player, and a mannequin head.

This is super cool in person....an owl with gems

Here is her lockers...sitting in the corner...it also sits by her desk and mirror.

Her bed with our cat Lucky (over 20 pounds of tabby)

She has an art mobile...on it are lots of little pieces of art....this one is a cool deer.

This one is her rabid rabbit....this is going to be her first stitchery pattern.
She is very artsy and I love seeing all her new ideas....so much fun!

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